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How It Got Started

It’s all started with the group of friends who were eager to try a new type of the water sport – electric hydrofoil. Each looked up the market and purchased a board to its preference, which appeared to be different. That way we had different boards from the major e-foil brands all in one place, which, at the time (and even today!), was a rare and unique opportunity to test, compare and feel the difference between the different boards, sizes, gear. 

We were filming our rides and at some point, decided to create a social media channel where we would keep all the footage and share it with the World. The page generated lots of interest and enormous amount of questions about the new technology, the difference between the boards, the brands, the gear… which gave us motivation to carry on.

After riding boards from different brands for over a year we fell in love with the Liftfoils boards, its dynamics, agility, gear, quality. And today we are not only the proud owners of the Liftfoils boards but also the ambassadors of the brand.


If you are reading this then the world of e-foil caught your attention, and we want to welcome you into this exciting new world.


We hope this page will provide you with the motivation and inspiration or answer some questions you might have. 



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